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Our Management
Managing Director’s Message
The focus of VICTORY ITI is to develop a global perspective to cope -up with the fast changing technology. The top quality Faculty of this Institution having a 1:10 Teacher-Student ratio are competent to groom our students to develop this perspective. Coupled with this, nurturing of values with discipline is the hallmark of VICTORY ITI Here the emphasis is not only on academic excellence but the development of
the over all total personality of a student.  To achieve this goal, add on courses, training in personality development, communicative skills and other soft skills and body language are also provided in VICTORY ITI. We take special care to ensure that new ideas are not merely discussed here but executed. Execution of new ideas help the faculty and students to tread the path of 'Innovation' which is the slogan of VICTORY ITI.

Propriter’s Message
The new millennium has become multifaceted and challenging for Technical Study. Here at VICTORY ITI, we unearth their potential by involving them in academic, career-building & creative activities equipping them to become globally competent to answer the challenges. . Education is not only an act of acquiring knowledge but learning a skill to lead life and forming one's personality. This ennobling process of growth is facilitated here at VICTORY ITI.
Education is the most-powerful weapon that can change the face of a nation. Teachers are said to be “a nation’s builders”, with our experienced and learned faculty encouraging and coaching the students’ endeavors in technical study, no dream is far-off. Life is not a set of instructions but is a series of experiences and learning process, this is where VICTORY ITI steps in – to make a difference through our faculty by inculcating the right attitude and passion towards technical study, which goes beyond books and instructions.

Our mission to instill in Technician the urge to be creative and innovative; and inspiring them towards equity and social justice. With these steady steps, we continue our march forward enriching character, minds and experiences. We look forward to meeting you here at VICTORY ITI.