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Our Activities
The students who has studying the various trades they can visit the factory’s and they can understand how the factory working methods are going. The period of studying also they can join the companies and get the training for their future. From this session they will get the latest job trends & a brief idea about their job sector. Those who has successfully completing this session in future company have any vacancies they will reach this candidates.

All instructional guidance are given to the passed out trainees enable them to secure a good job in India or abroad through the employment service agencies and our old students who are now working in various reputed concerns in India and Abroad.

According to this scheme, all students of this institute are liable to get benefits for unexpected accidents during the training hours.

Those who want right employees for the companies in nationalized and foreign sector. Companies will conduct written and technical interviews and they select the eligible candidates for their companies after completing the course they can directly join the company .