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SHIBIN DAS TV. Regional Winner in Nypunyam Skill Fiesta 2016.
Our Facilities:
The institute has a well equipped lab with ultra modern practical facilities.

Automobile/ Mechanic Diesel/ Mechanic Motor Vehicle/ Auto Electrician
A. Garage / Workshop training in two-wheeler, three wheeler and four wheeler of various Petrol / Diesel engine Vehicles like car, Jeep, Tempo, Lorry, etc..

Diesel engine practical facilities like four cylinder engine, six cylinder engine, Fuel injection pump, calibrating and facing adjustments, Injector testing etc, petrol practical facility two stoke, Four stroke and four cylinder engine, Work like engine timing, Engine tuning, Carburator over hauling etc...

B. Auto electrical service station of various vehicles including Maruti model
C. Carpentry work shop, Spray painting works, Gas, Arc Welding, Practical facility
D. Driving training with License. Vehicles:- Ambassidor, Maruthi, Jeep, Trukker, Van, Autoriksha, Scooter, Moped,etc..
E. New model Engine / Vehicle :MPFI,CRDI, Centre locking system, Power steering, Power window etc...
Refrigeration & A/C:
Lab for cable wiring work (Single & Three phase ) Meter testing of amp/Volt, Multimeter, VTM Tong Tester, Earth Tester, Megger, Power meters (Single & Three Phase ) Watt meter 3-Phase and single phase board testing. Working equipment like single & 3 phase. Ac/Dc motor, Generator Diesel Generator,Heavy duty Transformer, washing machine, Growler, Heater oven,
Iron-box, Mixi, Grinder, Starter, Evacuating and Charging Unit , HVAC (Heat and Ventilator air conditioning ) various make & model- Single & Three phase compressor, vacuum & Air compressor Repairing & Maintenance of Refrigeration, A/c Split of A/c plant, Cold storage Absorption (Mechanical) Fridge, various condensing units, Gas & Electrical welding , fitter Workshop and project work etc.

Electrical Engineering:
Lab foe electrical wiring practice, single phase, Three phase, Panel board, Meter testing of amenator, Volt meter, Multi meter, Matt meter, Megger, Earth tester, Thermo couple, Power factor mete, Tong tester…etc. Transformer testing, DC motor & Starter, Speed controls, AC motor & Starter, Winding Practice (AC/DC) Soldering Practice testing of Motor Generator set, Growler,
Diesel Generator,Changing over, Maintenance,of iron box, Grinder, Heater, Oven,Washing machine Project work etc.

Electronics & communication:
Repairing & maintenance of various Electronics equipment like Eliminator, amplifiers, Osillator Rewinding of Loud speaker, hobby circuit designing, PCB designing Assembling and maintenance of Radio, Tape recorder, Stereo amplifier, VCD Mp3 player, Audio CD, TV (B/W &Clour), DVD etc.. Operating and maintenance VCR, VCP, video camera, satellite Receiver L.N.B, Dish
Antenna, Inverter,UPS, Step-up, Stabilizer Emergency lamp, Epabx,ISDN..etc...

Radio & TV Engineering:
testing of amenator, Volt meter, Multi meter, Rheostat, VTVM, power Distortion meter signal generator Pattern generator AM/FM signal generator Wobbulator, CRO, Output meter, Impedance tester Basic Knowledge about Computer Hardware, Wiring practice etc. Telex, Telephone, Fax, Telephone, Morse code, project work etc.
Computer Lab:

Highly advanced Computer Labs are arranged in all computer centers as per the requirements of all students . All type of computer training (Software & Hardware) are provided in all centre and also we have  the facilities of internet, DTP, Website Hosting and different more activities.

Civil / Survey / Total station :
Total Station Survey is Computerized Survey Practical. Drafting Machine, Plani Meter, Pentagraph, Ceylon Ghat Tracer, Ammonia Printer, Trace table, Survey equipments like Chain, Theodolite, Level, Plain table, Compass, Tacheo meter, Survey practical’s like Plane table Survey, Theodolite Survey,..etc. Proportional compass, Computer – Auto CAD facilities, Total station Survey
practical’s like Area work, Leveling, Remote Height of building with the help Computer software Liscad.

X-RAY Welding, TIG & MIG & Stainless SteelWelding:
 Workshop practical like Cutting, Filing, Grinding, Drilling, Gas Cutting etc.. Arc Welding Practice (T joint, Lap joint, Butt joint, Flat Welding, Pipe Welding). Gas Welding, X-ray Welding, 1G-6G
TIG (Tungsten Inert gas) Welding, MIG (Metal inert gas) Welding, Stainless steel welding

Wireman Course:
Have you ever thought about a one year course that gives you an authority to sign a government document?!!!.Yes! you will be a certified wireman with this one year course from Victory ITI.  Your Signature is valued for getting a sanction for electrical wiring a house or any building.

Driving Course:
Road safety is a key concern area for both the Government and the people on Indian roads. Safe driving today requires a higher level of confidence and competence, given the poor traffic planning, increasing number of vehicles, lack of professionalism in driving and untrained drivers on road. Victory ITI has launched Victory Driving School — its initiative for promoting safe driving.