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General Rules & Regulations
Applicants may please note the following:
  • The Institute Authority reserves full right to accept or reject the application of a candidate without
           assigning any reasons Admission is opened for both sex.

  • Selected candidates will have to give an undertaking jointly with his Parent / Guardian to abide by
           the discipline of the institute to take proper care of the tools, books equipment, machinery etc.
            which they have to handle, and not to discontinue the training before the completion of the course.

  • Damages if any, caused to the institute’s property by the trainee will be made good at their cost as
           individual or a group.

  • Fees should be paid on or before the 5th of every calendar month and fees once paid will not be
           refunded under any circumstance or be transferred to other bodies.

  • The institute authority reserves the right to remove from the roles of the institute any student if his
           behavior is found not in the good interest of the institute or his fellow trainees.

  • Under no circumstance will any certificate be given to a student till the entire fees dues are cleared
            for the full course.

  • Examination fee will have to be paid as and when announced.

  • Minimum 80% attendance is compulsory for a student, to appear for the final examination.

  • Prior permission should be obtained for absence, but under unavoidable or extraordinary
            circumstance absence for a day be provided if it is supported by a written requisition form the
           candidate’s Parent / Guardian

  • The original Certificates and T.C. (for K.G.C.E & I.T.I) candidate should be entrusted to the office at
           the time of admission and the same will be returned only after successful completion of the course.

  • The decision of the Director shall be final in all matters.

  • Every students should attend his classes punctually, he should not leave the institution during the
           working hour’s without permission form the concerned teacher.

  • Every students should wear cloths, tight dress is compulsory in all practical classes.

  • No student should use tobacco or any intoxicant in any form in the institution or in its premises.

  • Any student who is willfully insubordinates mischievous or guilty of malpractice in examinations or
           guilty of any grave offence, may be according to the degree of the offence, be censured, suspended,
            or dismissed from the institute by the principal, Any such punishment inflicated shall be duly
           recorded in the punishment register and the fact intimated the joint Director.